Michelle Rodriguez Makes Too Much Sense For Hollywood

The other day TMZ caught up with Michelle Rodriguez out in LA and asked her about the rumors (I never even heard about this) that she might be cast as the NEW Green Lantern. Her response went a little something like this; that’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. Stop stealing all the white people’s superheroes. Make up your own. Obviously that didn’t sit well with many people, but it was a comment that was off the cusp and not well thought out. It eventually sparked a lot of debate so she took to Facebook to clarify what she meant.

In a video she posted to her Facebook page Michelle apologized for any offense she may have caused and went on to explain in more detail what she meant. Essentially she is saying that instead of changing characters that already have an established race and background to fit someone else’s cultural background, Hollywood should be coming up with their own diverse characters and background stories. This is something I’ve been saying for the past several years. As a fan of comics (and a minority) I still absolutely hate that Hollywood has felt the need to change so many beloved characters just in an effort to be more diverse.

flameonmichaelThere is a HUGE double standard in society where you are labeled as a racist if you don’t like that a traditionally white character is changed to another race, however if a minority character were to be changed into a white character, people would lose their fucking minds. It’s completely ignorant and is a huge FUCK YOU to fans of the original characters that we grew up loving despite the fact that they are white (seems like a stupid thing to  have to defend).

Michelle Rodriguez and myself are both huge supporters of having more diverse characters in both movies and comics and believe there is no good reason not to have them. However, what we do not support is changing established characters and story lines to make that happen. Like she says in her video, it’s just lazy. There are so many deep pools of cultural mythology that writers could pull from to create new and exciting characters. STOP changing the race of an established character Hollywood. Be more creative than that.

disney__s_princesses_2_by_daekazu-d318d4rLook at Disney and their multibillion dollar movies based off of diverse cultural  backgrounds. The Disney princesses movies are a great example of that. They have taken stories from many different cultures from around the world and despite how you think they portray women (one righteous cause at a time) have been entertaining, relateable, and profitable. I support diversity in movies, but not at the expense of fans and established characters.

Guys check out Michelle Rodriguez’s video below and be sure to let me know your thoughts on it. I always love to hear what you think about things like this so please leave me a comment below, on the Facebook page, or on Twitter.

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  1. Yeah I agree too… but I think the temptation is to try and kill two birds with one stone if you know what I mean…. Basically they have a pre-made story of a character.. CHECK! Need racial diversity with their stories.. [change race/sex of pre-made story] CHECK!

    So if they can get away with killing two birds with one stone successfully, which they have been doing, they will continue to do it…

    But yeah in short, it would be a lot cooler to see original stories or just finding the pre-made stories that match the sex/race they want to show on screen 😛

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