Maggie Official Trailer

MAGGIE GET TO DA CHOPPA!!! Haha you know you read that in Arnold’s voice. So the action star and former governor of Cali-Fornia (You read that in his voice too) has taken a role that I never thought I would see him in. Sure we’ve seen him as a Dad several times before, but I mean in an actual serious role rather than an action role. To be honest this movie looks pretty intense and their isn’t one single explosion….I’m impressed.

Apparently this is some sort of out break, I’ve been hearing that this is a zombie apocalypse movie, but i didn’t see a single zombie. I definitely see some infected including Arny’s daughter, but still not quite a zombie. They do talk about increased aggression and hunger, but I didn’t see any hoards of zombies filling the streets. All in all this trailer has a very dramatic and sad feeling to the whole thing. It actually looks like a pretty good movie. Although, I’m not really sure how I will enjoy an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie without his famous one liners.

So check out the first official trailer for Maggie and let me know what you think Nerd Nation. Does this movie look like a GO or a NO for you. Leave me your thoughts in a comment below, on the Facebook page, or on Twitter…Enjoy!

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