Lucky’s Cereal Stolen For The Last Time (Video)

Kid’s have been after Lucky’s charms for decades and it’s all in good fun. That is unless you are on the receiving end of this heartless pranks. Have you ever once stopped to think how Lucky felt about all this? Well finally someone has and thanks to Animation Domination we get to see what it might be like if Lucky finally decided he’s had enough of this shit and made some changes in his life…And this time, it’s personal…

Lucky the Leprechaun’s loss is our loss. When Lucky’s cereal is taken from him, who is really getting robbed? We are. Raising children to turn a blind eye to petty crime steals our future from us. But we can get it back. We can fight for our future. Our lucky charms are: hope, compassion, family, and hard work. That … that is what’s really lucky.” – Don Draper

This is just a funny video I thought I would post in honor of St. Patrick’s day. Essentially this is a sales pitch for a Lucky Charms commercial that goes in a pretty dark direction. Anyways check out the video below and as always, let me know your thoughts Nerd Nation. Feel free to leave me a comment below, on the Facebook page or hit me up on Twitter.


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