Final Fantasy Knives (Video)

If you’re a gamer then it’s probably a pretty safe bet that you have played at least one Final Fantasy game at some point of your life time. you may even consider yourself a fan of the epic rpg franchise. However, you are most likely not as big of a fan as this super fan nor do you have a one of a kind Final Fantasy Kitchen Knife set. These are seriously bad ass and I would have never thought about even wanting something like this until I saw it.

Super Fan Builds on the AWE me channel have come up with another awesome creation that will make any Final Fantasy fan (or gaming fan for that matter) jealous. They have created a one of a kind cutlery set consisting of 4 knives based off of the Final Fantasy game series. The amount of work and detail that goes into these knives is amazing and they are held by a block that looks like Ultros. Although when they made his tentacles at first they just looked like purple dildos…Kinda weird. There is at least several thousand dollars worth of work in these knives.

final_fantasy_kitchen_knives_1I love the way the knives look and the block was a pretty cool idea, but I wish they could have some how incorporated the Final Fantasy logo/name into it. Maybe even made the entire block the name instead of Ultros. They probably couldn’t do that because it is not officially licensed, but it still would have been a cool idea I think. All in all this is one of the most unique builds that I’ve seen so far and I would love to have these knives for my self.

Anyway, check out the Final Fantasy Knives Super Fan Build. As always I want to hear from you Nerd Nation. Would you like to have something like this for your house and do you think they could have done something different for the block? Leave me your thoughts in a comment below, on the Facebook page or you can always hit me up on Twitter…Enjoy!

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