Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection of Frieza Trailer

The Z fighters are back to protect the earth and universe for that matter from one of their most stubborn villains. That’s right Frieza is back to finally take his revenge on Goku for his humiliating defeat so many decades ago. Some of you may remember that the last time he showed up on earth, actually pretty much every time he showed up on earth he found himself on the wrong end of an ass kicking. This time however things look to be a little more in his favor.

So basically the plot goes like this; The earth is once again experiencing a period of peace until some of Frieza’s left over henchman decide to round up those pesky Dragon Balls and wish their supreme leader back to life. Of course he is resurrected even more powerful than before (you can tell because he’s gold) and Goku has a serious fight on his hands. Not only that but the rest of the Z fighters have to face off against what looks like a pretty large army of Frieza’s henchman.

friezacapture01Now I can safely say that I am a huge fan of Dragon Ball Z like many of you out there. However, I feel like this is a bit of a cash grab to follow up their last movie. This story is not original in any way and I’m willing to bet that it ends in one movie…The same way it always ends. Goku battles it out with Frieza, almost dies, then manages to defeat him just in the nick of time. Not much different from any other DBZ movie. So they made Frieza gold and gave Goku a different type of gi. Not very original or innovative. The animation looks good, but coloring Frieza gold doesn’t make him any more appealing than he was before.

No doubt I will probably see this and watch with a stupid smile on my face, but I think we DBZ fans are getting a little anxious for something new and innovative from the series. Anyway, check out the trailer below for Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection of Frieza which makes it’s premiere in Japan April 18th. As always I want to hear your thoughts on this Nerd Nation. Does this new trailer get you pumped up for the movie or do you think it looks like the same old thing we’ve already seen? Leave me your thoughts in a comment below, on the Facebook page or on Twitter…Enjoy!

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