Awkward Marvel Waiting Room (Video)

Oh man this is pretty funny. Batinthesun is known for doing the many Super Power Beat Downs that we all know and love but this time they came with something a little different. Three pretty iconic Marvel heroes are stuck in a waiting room (waiting for who knows what) and burdened with the task of making small talk to break the awkward silence. I think we’ve all been in a situation like this at one time or another and when we look back at it, it’s probably pretty hilarious.

As much as I enjoy seeing the Super Power Beat Downs series, I also really like seeing different things come out from Batinthesun. That being said, this is pretty hilarious and the comedy really picks up when the web head makes his entrance. All these actors/actresses do a good job portraying their respective characters and Spidey’s voice is perfect. Even the way he comes in like the annoying little brother to Frank and Elektra is pretty spot on. Frank Castle definitely seems like he would have a hard time making small talk and Elektra is bitchy as ever.

avengingspiderman6The only thing I think that would have given this a little more substance or material would have been if they had smart phones instead of magazines. Truthfully I think 90% of Americans would have busted out their phone to stop the boredom. Of course checking social media would have given them a much broader variety of things to make awkward conversation about. This is just my opinion however. I still thought this was great 🙂

Anyway check out the Awkward Marvel Waiting Room skit and let me know what you think Nerd Nation. Would you like to see more comedic videos like this from Batinthesun or do you think they should stick with the more serious tonality of the Super Power Beat Down series? Leave me your thoughts below, on Facebook, or on Twitter…Enjoy!

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