Amazing Batman Armor (Video)

This is probably one of the best Bat Suit that I have ever seen. If you’re looking to cosplay as Batman and don’t want to make your own or just want to upgrade your existing costume, I would seriously take a look at this customizable Bat Suit. Brandon from Ares Armory Studios has done some amazing work putting together this very detailed and Bad Ass bat suit for your purchasing pleasure. The great part is you can buy the entire thing or you can choose to just buy any of the pieces separately if you want to add them to your existing Batman armor.

One look at this thing and you can see how it stands out above the rest. I have seen some pretty cool looking Batman armor in my day, but none that were for sale or that would be custom fit to your body. Brandon has put a lot of time and work in to perfecting the design of this suit to make it functional, durable, and most importantly comfortable. Each piece of this costume is cast out of either urethane rubber or urethane plastic depending on the location of the pieces. Both are very durable and light weight materials so you will be comfortable in any situation.

_200Obviously these things don’t come cheap but you can see that this is quality stuff and you are definitely getting quality and quantity. Once again I’ve found a bat suit that I like way better than the Chris Nolan armor. If you guys are interested in purchasing your very own high quality Batman armor, be sure to contact Brandon from Ares Armor Studios by Clicking Here to go to his website. I have personally talked to Brandon to get a little more insight on how he creates his costumes. I can tell you that he definitely has a passion for this stuff and he’s a pretty nice guy, so I know he’d be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

As always I want to hear from you Nerd Nation. Do you think this is an awesome Batman armor set and would you consider purchasing the whole thing? Also if you already have some cosplay armor you think some of these pieces might go good with let me know. Leave me your thoughts in a comment below, on the Facebook page or hit me up on Twitter.

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