Daily Archives: March 25, 2015

Maggie Official Trailer

MAGGIE GET TO DA CHOPPA!!! Haha you know you read that in Arnold’s voice. So the action star and former governor of Cali-Fornia (You read that in his voice too) has taken a role that I never thought I would see him in. Sure we’ve seen him as a Dad several times before, but I mean in an actual serious role rather than an action role. To be honest this movie looks pretty intense and their isn’t one single explosion….I’m impressed.

Real Life Shadow of Mordor (Video)

Orcs have left Middle Earth to invade our own world, all in hopes of revenge against a Ranger… This is a pretty funny little prank/fan film based on the LOTR Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor video game. The best part is that they filmed this all right here in my home city of San Diego. You can definitely tell that people were surprised but it was all in good fun. That’s when pranks are the best, when no one gets crazy pissed or hurt. This turned out great!

Tie Fighter Short Film (Video)

This Star Wars fan film is awesome on so many levels. It’s an anime style short film that was created by one single animator. It took him over four years to do this on his own (not every day of course). There is no voices but the animation totally speaks for its self. The sound effects are great and this definitely looks like it could be something that was produced by a large studio. Honestly I’m a little surprised that this stylized version of Star Wars hasn’t been done already…