Daily Archives: March 24, 2015

Cosplay of The Day: Female Iron Man Body Paint

This Iron Man body paint probably won’t protect much, but it’s nice to look at. Actually I’ve always been impressed with people that can do body painting. It’s so hard to get the details right especially since none of the surfaces they are working on are flat. This is definitely a cool image and would love to see more from whoever this artist is. I’m not sure if this counts as cosplay, but I don’t mind if you don’t. For more Nerdgasmic cosplay images be sure to head over to the Facebook page and check out the Cosplay of the Day photo album.

Final Fantasy Knives (Video)

If you’re a gamer then it’s probably a pretty safe bet that you have played at least one Final Fantasy game at some point of your life time. you may even consider yourself a fan of the epic rpg franchise. However, you are most likely not as big of a fan as this super fan nor do you have a one of a kind Final Fantasy Kitchen Knife set. These are seriously bad ass and I would have never thought about even wanting something like this until I saw it.

Frieza Sings The Nations of The World (Video)

This is a crazy video that I never would have imagined. So I’m sure once you guys hear the song you’ll know what it’s from especially if you’re a kid from the 90s. DBZ and Frieza don’t really need any introduction but putting the two together is pretty genius. Not only that, but whoever does Frieza’s voice and sings this song has some serious talent because the countries he names off are almost impossible to say let alone sing.

Video Game Logic

It’s funny because as great as GTA V is there are still some things to be worked out. The logic of the police can sometimes be erratic at best, but it would be really cool if they had a bit more intuitiveness programed into them. Instead they just chase you down, ram into your car, and want you to give yourself up so they can shoot you. Actually how many of you out there are still playing GTA V? I took a break from it for a while, but returning to it is like seeing an old friend again 🙂