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Predator Coming To Mortal Kombat X

So it was announced last week that Jason Voorhees would be a downloadable character in the latest addition of the Mortal Kombat franchise. That doesn’t sound very exciting to me, but maybe it was to some of you. The official announcement today (after an accidental news leak by Xbox) is that the Predator will be joining to Mortal Kombat X roster. I’m a huge fan of the Predator movies and have read some of the books that followed. This actually makes me interested in picking up the game.

Gamer Guys

It’s true ladies, we are tired of being treated like objects…and my eyes are up here. Haha this made me laugh and I actually find it kind of funny when you think about it. I don’t think that if the roles were reversed that there would be very many guys out there who wouldn’t like the attention or getting hit on. Just goes to show some of the differences between men and women. Personally I love being a gamer and I love that gaming can bring anyone together, no matter what culture, background, or gender 🙂 Happy Friday Nerd Nation!!!