Daily Archives: March 18, 2015

Nice Try Math

Sneaky sneaky there math. How dare you try and disguise yourself as fun. Haha this one got me and it totally reminded me of when I was a kid and my parents use to try and get me excited about learning games or things like that. I tried my best to get into them but as hard as learning games tried they just weren’t ever even close to being as fun as regular video games. It’s funny because I find myself trying the same things with my kids these days. This is obviously just a calculator which makes it all the more funny 😉

8-Bit Walking Dead (Video)

As a kid I grew up playing the Nintendo Entertainment system and have great memories of that system and it’s massive library of games. Two of my favorite games to play were Shadow Run and Friday The 13th. This 8-bit Walking Dead video actually looks and feels like it could have been a game from that day and age. I love these 8-bit cinema shorts because all of them really look like they could be an actual playable game. I wish someone would put the time and effort into making a game like this.

Act Like Spidey

I have to admit that I personally thought Andrew Garfield was a better Spider-Man than Tobey Maguire. However I think Toby Maguire was a better Peter Parker than Andrew Garfield. Not that it matters much anymore since we will be getting a brand new Peter (maybe) and Spider-Man. I think they both did good in their own right but Tobey’s Spider-Man just needed some more personality and a better sense of humor.