Daily Archives: March 9, 2015

Hazing The New Guy: Avengers

Oh man this cracked me up. Damn I feel bad for the web head. Nothing is worse than when you have to go to the bathroom and you can’t get to a toilet. Avenger’s hazing would be a great Marvel One Shot if they ever wanted to take a break from their traditional cinematic stuff. Still this is pretty damn funny. Seriously though, Fuck you Thor…Jerk. Good think Captain America was there to put an end to it. Kinda looks like he was a little too late though. Maybe it’s just me

Gaming Controller Evolution

Below I have posted some really awesome animated gifs that show the evolution of some pretty iconic gaming controllers. Of course each system has had it’s loyal following of die hard fans but I think just about every one of us has played with at least one controller from each of these systems. Many of these images take me back to a great time in gaming and just a great time in life. It’s great to see where we are now, but even more awesome to see where we came from.

Chewy Drop The Bass

Hey guys, I took myself a little three day weekend but missed you guys. Sometimes you just need a rest ya know what I mean? Anyways we’re back at it this week so I hope I didn’t miss out on anything too exciting. Anyway, happy Monday Nerd Nation! Haha I’ve always loved this little meme. They look so serious about it 🙂