Daily Archives: March 5, 2015

Geek Ink: Level Up

This is definitely cool, but also one of those things that you have to wonder if it is a good long term decision. I love the creativity and the placement 😉 but seriously, I can’t imagine what her grand kids will think it means when she is older. Hopefully this is not one of those tattoos that keeps you from getting the job you want. Anyways for more Nerdgasmic tattoo pictures be sure to check out the Geek Ink photo album on the Facebook page.

Amazing Batman Armor (Video)

This is probably one of the best Bat Suit that I have ever seen. If you’re looking to cosplay as Batman and don’t want to make your own or just want to upgrade your existing costume, I would seriously take a look at this customizable Bat Suit. Brandon from Ares Armory Studios has done some amazing work putting together this very detailed and Bad Ass bat suit for your purchasing pleasure. The great part is you can buy the entire thing or you can choose to just buy any of the pieces separately if you want to add them to your existing Batman armor.

Gaming Truth

Sure every gamer knows the importance of a good quality gaming headset is communicating with your team mates. However, I think we all will admit that the majority of us will hear insults and foul language directed at us and/or said team mates out of those things. One thing is for sure though, those insults sound damn good and the headset was worth every penny haha. Anyway, Happy Thursday Nerd Nation! Have a great one 🙂

Dragon Ball Z Soda Commercials

On the heels of the new Dragon Ball Z movie Resurrection of Frieza it’s not surprising that companies in Japan would use the popular characters to help move their products. These are some pretty cool little advertisements for a company called Kirin Beverages that seem to be marketing some pretty awesome sodas. Something tells me that they are probably just your average orange and grape flavored sodas but it’s still pretty cool.