Daily Archives: March 4, 2015

NEW Age of Ultron Trailer 3

The more I see of Avengers: Age of Ultron the more excited I get for it. Ultron definitely looks menacing and is much more than just a modified iron Man suit.  The Avengers definitely have their work cut out for them and it looks like Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch aren’t exactly on the Avenger’s side. At least not from what it shows in this latest trailer. Along with new footage of the Avenger’s and Ultron the most exciting thing about this new trailer comes at the end.

The Dress is Red

Poor Cyclops, we don’t all see in red but I think we’re all pretty tired of the whole dress thing. I know I am definitely tired of seeing it all over Facebook, but in all honesty I did find it pretty interesting how people see things so differently. Just goes to show us that our eyes can be easily fooled. Now lets all take a moment to be thankful that we don’t have uncontrollable laser beams that come out every time we open our eyes haha 🙂