Daily Archives: March 3, 2015

Geek Ink: One Piece

Guys check out this awesome One Piece tattoo. These types of tattoos are pretty cool. I’ve seen several of these types of tattoos on other people but I really like this one, mainly because it’s One Piece. The color and detail on this is pretty awesome and most of all it’s unique. For more Nerdgasmic tattoos please check out our Geek Ink photo album on our Facebook page.

Rebels Destroyed His Workplace

I know that today is only Tuesdays and yes Tuesdays can really suck, but don’t forget that someone out there always has it worse than you do. Ok so this was really just for a cheap laugh but he does look pretty pitiful with his cardboard sign. Give him one chance to show you what he can do in a tie fighter and you won’t be sorry. No one ever thought how man lives would be affected when they blew up the death star. I guess he should just consider himself lucky that he got out a live. Anyway, Happy Tuesday Nerd Nation!

Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection of Frieza Trailer

The Z fighters are back to protect the earth and universe for that matter from one of their most stubborn villains. That’s right Frieza is back to finally take his revenge on Goku for his humiliating defeat so many decades ago. Some of you may remember that the last time he showed up on earth, actually pretty much every time he showed up on earth he found himself on the wrong end of an ass kicking. This time however things look to be a little more in his favor.