Toejam and Earl: Back In The Groove

Before there was Odd World or Earthworm Jim, there was a game that set the ground work for strange comedic video games known as Toejam and Earl. Toejam and Earl use to be one of my most favorite video games as a kid. Though it never reached the same notoriety as Oddworld of Earthworm Jim, it still had a pretty loyal cult following, that still exists to this day. If you happen to be one of those fans you are in luck because the original designer is hard at work on a brand new Toejam and Earl game.

For those of you that remember, the original Toejam and Earl came out in 1991 exclusively for the Sega Genesis. I personally loved the game and would play it for hours on end. It was unique in it’s level design and stylistic feel. The music was awesome and there was tons of comedic elements scattered throughout the entire game. The original was great, but we never got a proper sequel due to publishers (like Sega) making changes at the last minute. What we got were two more games that just weren’t nearly as good, nor did they live up to the creators original vision.

IiYkDEmGame designer Greg Johnson has decided to skip the big publisher route this time around and go straight to the people for support. That’s right, he’s taken up a KickStarer campaign to try and bring back those two hip hop loving aliens. As of right now Toejam and Earl: Back In The Groove is set to be released for the PC but, Greg Johnson’s goal is to get it out across all platforms (Xbox One, PS4, Wii-U). The goal is set at $400,000 and currently has a backing of $122,465.

This might actually be something I will back because I loved the original so much. If you’re interested in making sure Toejam and Earl: Back In The Groove gets finished and released Click Here to check out it’s awesome KickStarter page. As always I want to hear your thoughts Nerd Nation. Do you remember Toejam and Earl and would you like to see this sequel get made? Leave me your thoughts in a comment below, on the Facebook page or hit me up on Twitter!

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