Inappropriate Kakashi

We all know that Kakshi is one bad ass ninja but I had no idea that he had such an affinity for inappropriately touching other anime characters. Well lucky for us D Piddy has ninja camera skills of his own and was able to capture Kakashi in action. He had no mercy especially on the those poor Sailor Scouts.  Ultimately he is defeated by a swift kick in the ass, but I still think he had a god run through the Anime expo.

This video will definitely put a smile on your face and it’s cool to see all the awesome cosplayers from Anime Expo 2014. Obviously this video is meant to be lighthearted and I’m pretty sure most of the pokes from Kakshi were staged but it’s still a fun watch. The music that was added to it goes perfectly and the little sound affect from Kakashi’s poke makes me laugh.

Apparently D Piddy has a lot more of these videos so if you get a chance go check them out on his Youtube channel. His Naruto cosplay is perfect and this video will make your day just a little brighter. As always I want to know what you thought about it Nerd Nation. Do you think another character should take over for Kakashi in the future? If so who do you think would be funny to see in a future video? Leave me your thoughts in a comment below, on the Facebook page, or on Twitter…Enjoy!

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