Batman v. Superman v. Iron Man v. Captain America: Dawn of Civil War (Video)

Dorkly has always been known for his funny videos that cater to gamers and Nerds alike. This time (for me) it’s not just about being funny. Don’t get me wrong this video is definitely funny, hilarious in fact. However, I think it makes a good point to DC and the way they are going about their cinematic universe…Which is terrible (as pointed out by IronMan) and makes absolutely no sense what so ever.

So basically Batman and Superman are getting ready to face off in this video when Batman has to start mono logging about how awesome and unique their battle is going to be. Something tells me that’s not too far off from how the Warner Bros. execs feel about their up coming movie Batman VS Superman: Dawn of Justice. Thankfully Iron Man and Captain America show up to take them down a notch and let them know what an absolutely terrible job they are doing in their weak ass attempt to bring their battle to the big screen.

Batman_v_Superman_logoThe video is definitely funny but I think it actually brings up a good point. DC honestly thought Man of Steel was going to be a home run for them and launch their new cinematic universe in a triumphant way. However Man of Steel was more or less a disappointment and now they are desperate to try and catch up to Marvel by throwing every hero they have into one movie. Unfortunately I think it’s a pretty shitty way to treat the fans because I don’t think it’s gonna be any good.

Anyway, check out the hilarious video Batman V. Superman V. Iron Man V. Captain America: Dawn of Civil War and let me know what you think Nerd Nation. Honestly, how do you guys feel about DC’s up coming movie and their attempt at creating a continuity like Marvel has? Let me know by leaving me a comment below, on the Facebook page or hit me up on Twitter.

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