Batman: The Bloody Valentine (Video)

So just in time for Valentine’s Day we have an appropriately titled fan film to share with you guys. Today of course being our Fan Made Friday, where we showcase a new fan films each week. Today’s awesome fan film comes from K&K Productions. It features the Dark Knight himself facing off against his most famous enemy of all time the Joker. The interesting thing about this is that it seems as though the Joker has found his one true love in Batman and the game of cat and mouse that they play.

I always thought that the Joker and Batman had an interesting dynamic. Batman being the great hero of justice and the Joker being the quintessential manifestation of chaos. While Batman views their “relationship” as good versus evil, the Joker views Batman as the completion to himself. I remember the episode The Man Who Killed Batman from Batman the Animated series, where Batman is believed to be dead and the Joker is genuinely sad. We also see this explored briefly in the Dark Knight movie. Batman: The Bloody Valentine takes this concept one step further as The Joker literally sings a love song to Bats before bathing himself in blood.

joker02The film its self is pretty short but well done. The voice of the Joker is spot on and his laugh is seriously psychotic. However, I think his makeup could have used some work, though I understand that it may have be intentional. Either way it looks very cheap and is a bit of a distraction. Batman’s costume looks really good though and I think I like his look better in this than most of the big budget Batman movies that have come out. All in all it’s a good watch and I found it very entertaining. I think it gets extra points for taking a deeper look into the twisted mind of the Joker and how he views Batman.

Anyways, give Batman: The Bloody Valentine a watch below. As always I want to know what you thought about this fan film Nerd Nation. Did you find it interesting and entertaining or do you think it needs some work? Leave me your thoughts in a comment below, on the Facebook page, or hit me up on Twitter…Enjoy!

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