Daily Archives: February 24, 2015

Geek Ink: Bane

What’s more intense than a kick ass Bane tattoo? I was never a fan of the Christopher Nolan bane and it’s nice to see that whoever is rockin this tattoo went with the comic style bane. I Love the detail and intensity in his face, and the blood is a great touch. Bane is one of Batman’s most deadly villains. It’s nice to see someone finally doing him justice. For more Nerdgasmic tattoos check out the Geek Ink photo album on our Facebook page.

Power Ranger Dredd Bootleg

I know this isn’t Friday but then again this isn’t just any fan film. This is a crazy re-imagining of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers brought to us by director Joseph Kahn and produced by Adi Shankar (executive producer of Dredd). This is a look into the future of the Power Rangers like you never would have imagined. The best part is it stars James Van Der Beak and Katee Sackhoff. I have to admit that this is just plain Bad Ass!