Daily Archives: February 23, 2015

No More Peter Parker For Spider-Man Movies?

So there has been a lot of talk lately on the future of Spider-Man both for Marvel and Sony. The latest rumors (I try not to deal in rumors too much) is that Sony is looking to bring a different Spider-Man to the big screen. Unconfirmed reports are saying that Sony wants to give us Miles Morales as our new Spider-Man rather than Peter Parker. I definitely have mixed feelings about this…

Awesome Carnage Makeup (Video)

Pinkstylist is known for doing amazing make up tutorials. I actually found this guy a couple years back when I did some Crow make up for my daughter and looked up a tutorial online. I know the Crow isn’t the most complicated make up in the world but I just wanted to make sure that I got it as accurate as possible for her. Anyways, this make up tutorial is based off one of my most favorite Marvel villains. It is non other than Carnage from the Amazing Spider-Man comics.

Pokemon Pancakes (Video)

So these Pokemon pancakes look delicious and really hard to make. The idea is awesome and would probably be a lot of fun to do, but it just looks like it takes a lot of time and patience. I understand something like this takes practice, but this person actually looks like they know what they are doing and it still probably took them a while to go through all the steps. Luckily for us they have cut out most of the boring parts and just showed us the essentials.

Don’t trust Aaron

Even after last night’s episode of The Walking Dead I still can’t help but feel this way about Aaron. So far he seems like he has the best interest of the group in mind, but I still don’t trust him. Also, I don’t know much about the comic so I don’t really know who he is in the show, but I just have a bad feeling about the guy. Anyways, what do you guys think about Aaron from The Walking Dead? Do you think the group should trust him? Leave me a comment below, on the Facebook page, or on Twitter. Happy Monday Nerd Nation