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Bunny-B’s Anime Review 02

It has always been thought for generations that hell was an eternal place to fear and to essentially experience after death in relation to human nature during mortality. Dreading each gut-wrenching minute. Insanity at its finest when being framed of mass murder and thrown into a prison where “customers” pay to watch you survive in a penitentiary disguised as an amusement park. “Friends” use you for a chance of survival, or a participating in a point system upon which buys a hot meal, cigarettes, or even freedom. The funny thing is…You are still alive.

Kanye interrupts Star Wars

Haha, this cracked me up. I think the real medals need to go to those poor Bothans…Too bad many of them died trying to get the plans for the Death Star. Still, probably the unsung heroes of the Star Wars movies. However, I don’t see anyone interrupting the ceremony on their behalf. Unless Kanye and Beyonce are Bothans…Makes you think right?  Ok, probably not. Anyways, Happy Friday Nerd Nation!