Daily Archives: February 13, 2015

Geek Ink Jack/Sally

In honor of Valentine’s day, check out this wicked Nightmare Before Christmas tattoo. The detail is amazing and it really captures the Burtonness of these two iconic characters. Tthere is no love greater than the one that lasts beyond the grave…I guess. Anyways, I think Jack and Sally got the right idea here. For more Nerdgasmic tattoo art be sure to check out the Geek Ink photo album on our Facebook page.

Batman: The Bloody Valentine (Video)

So just in time for Valentine’s Day we have an appropriately titled fan film to share with you guys. Today of course being our Fan Made Friday, where we showcase a new fan films each week. Today’s awesome fan film comes from K&K Productions. It features the Dark Knight himself facing off against his most famous enemy of all time the Joker. The interesting thing about this is that it seems as though the Joker has found his one true love in Batman and the game of cat and mouse that they play.

Happy Friday the 13th

Good Friday the 13th morning to all of you lovely Jason Voorhees fans and everyone else 😉 ! I woke up very happy because it is one of my favorite days of the year!! I found a little something to start the day off right. I hope everyone has a great day today!!! -Bunny-Brains