New Addition To The Team

I’m very excited to announce that there will be another person helping me take Nerdgasm to a new level of awesomeness this year. Her name is Bre but she goes by the alias Bunny Brains. It’s very fitting since she is so adorable and has an affinity for zombies. I have known her for several years and she has a passion for all things nerdy, especially Anime and Manga. She loves to read comic books, watch movies, and play video games as well.

From Bunny-B
始 めまして‼︎ 私は ブリです(aka Bunny-Brains, Bunny-Bre or whatever you may prefer). I am a twenty three year old freelance artist and I am a mother of a very batman loving one year old. My personal interests and hobbies (anything I Nerdgasm over in a sense) is anime, manga, j-pop, American comics, art, cartoons and the occasional movies. I’m the type who loves getting out of the house to explore, museums are relaxing and very inspiring, parks beaches…I like being out of the house. However, having a small child 100% of the time makes me stay home more than before. I enjoy wondering around comic conventions and taking in my surroundings. I can not wait to write more and share my findings with anyone interested. どうぞよろしく!

Like I said before I am very excited to have her on board and I can’t wait to see where we take Nerdgasm this year. Watch for up coming posts from her both on here and on Facebook. Her first anime series review will be up later today. Please do me a favor Nerd Nation and make her feel welcome. If you have any questions, or comments for her please feel free to post them below, on the Facebook page, or on the Twitter page!

Welcome Bre aka Bunny Brains!

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