Daily Archives: January 27, 2015

Randall Higgins: Kill Cameraman

I think we’ve all played a Call of Duty game at least once in our lives and most likely it’s been in a multiplayer match. Sometimes the most frustrating thing about the game is re-watching your death over again on the kill camera. Have you ever wondered how they got such an amazing shot of your death? Neither have I, but here’s an entertaining commercial about how it happens. Obviously this is just a promotional piece for the up coming DLC but it was still pretty fun to watch.

Geek Ink: Old School Games

This is a really awesome piece using both arms and featuring some of my best memories as a kid. Sonic The Hedgehog meets Super Mario. Sonic and Shadow seem to be doing some serious damage to the mushroom kingdom. I love the color and I definitely love the concept. I played both Sega and Nintendo growing up as a kid so it would be too hard for me to choose a favorite. This combines them both nicely. For more Nerdgasmic tattoo art check out the Geek Ink photo album on our Facebook page.

Fantastic Four Official Teaser (Video)

My initial thoughts on the new Fantastic Four or “Fant4stic” teaser trailer is that it looks pretty awesome. It looks very intriguing, innovative and captivating. It looks like it will be a great movie…just not a great Fantastic Four movie. The cinematic teaser trailer looks a lot like the style of trailer that came out for the Man of Steel movie. The music is very emotional and gives you a sense of wonder as opposed to action or the threat of danger to our world. I like that in a trailer, but I have a feeling this will disappoint much like the Man of Steel did.