Daily Archives: January 17, 2015

Garfield, Bad Cat!

Haha this is wrong…funny…but wrong. Anyways, happy Saturday Nerd Nation I hope you are as satisfied today as Garfield the cat! Who knew there was something better out there for him than lasagna. Although I’m pretty sure a full day of sleeping is on the agenda for him after this. Oh man this is doing something bad to my inner child Lol.

Darth Vader Cover Up Tattoo

Most cover up tattoos end up looking like big dark, unsightly, blobs. This is a big dark blob, but at least you can tell what the hell it is. Personally I think it looks awesome and I love how shiny they made his helmet look. This is definitely a cover up that I could live with. The skill it takes to cover up such a large ugly tattoo is…Impressive…most impressive.