Daily Archives: January 6, 2015

Tattuesday Geek Ink!

Straight up villains sleeve! The detail on this arm sleeve is simply amazing and the color really stands out in this picture. i like the combination of villains from both Marvel and DC. Not to mention the more realistic style of art they chose for this tattoo. Now that is some truly evil ink and I love it.

Big Hero 6 Blu-Ray Release Date

Disney has announced the release dates for Big Hero 6 digital download and Blu-Ray and DVD. Is it me or does it seem like these things come out faster and faster after being released in theaters. I swear we use to have to wait at least twice as long back in the day for movies to come out on home video. Anyways, Disney plans on releasing Big Hero 6 on Digital HD and the Disney Movies Anywhere app February 3rd and Blu-Ray and DVD on February 24th.

Trooper Life

Oh man this cracked me up. I know I’ve definitely thought “the grass was greener” many times in my life. Sometimes it is and sometimes it’s just painted cement. A friend of mine use to tell me that. Anyways, the lesson here is, be careful what you wish for I guess. Poor troopers can’t catch a break hahaha