Monthly Archives: January 2015

Live Action Naruto Film

Welcome to Fan Made Friday where we take a look at some of the best Fan made videos from around the net. This week we’re featuring an awesome short film influenced by the largely popular Anime and Manga series, Naruto. Personally I am a big fan of the series though I have never read any of the Manga. I have seen just about every episode of the two Anime series. This one is based off the later series. The film is called Naruto Shippuden: Dreamers Fight and comes from the good people over at RivenX3i YouTube channel.

Hellboy Fridge

You can have a Hell Boy fridge when Hell freezes over, or at least gets cold enough to keep food fresh. Haha, this is actually pretty awesome. I would not have even thought to get a custom paint job on an old fridge, but I will from now on. Once I have my media room/man cave I will most definitely be getting a mini-fridge custom painted. Right now Hell Boy is a front runner for what I get painted on it. What about you Nerd Nation?

Disney Princesses or Marvel Heroines

Disney Princesses as Marvel heroines is actually pretty bad ass. This would be an awesome way to introduce more girls to Marvel comics and hopefully inspire young girls to create more awesome heroines for future comics. I definitely think it is a better option than taking already existing male heroes and turning them female *cough* Thor *cough*. Anyways that’s just my opinion but I do really love this art and for some reason it kind of reminds me of Kim Possible…

Turtle Power

Technically koopas aren’t turtles, but something tells me these guys don’t wanna hear it. Maybe they’ll take mercy on him if they know that he fights evil and saves princesses. Although he might not want to tell Mikey that because Princess Peach may end up in his castle. Anyways, I thought this was funny and I hope you guys do as well. Happy Thursday Nerd Nation!

Life Sized Ravage and Laserbeak

I can’t really think of anything I would want more for my house than a life sized Laserbeak and Ravage. Actually I can think of a lot of other things I would want, but that doesn’t change the fact that these are pretty epic and I want them too. Jamie Young from Foamtastic Props has made some pretty amazing pieces of art out of simple foam cut outs. These two make my list of favorites though because transformers generation one always has been and always will be my most favorite Transformers.

Sons of Alchemy

Now this would be a Bad Ass T-shirt! It combines two of my favorite shows in one epic logo. I loved Sons of Anarchy and was sad to see it go, plus Full Metal Alchemist was one of the only anime series that I watched all the way through on Toonami. Both have great memories and if it ever is made into a shirt you can bet I’ll be getting one haha.

Cosplay of The Day: Mecha

Here is an awesome Alphonse cosplay from one of my favorite animes, Patlabor Mobile Police. This was actually one of the animes that got me to start liking giant robots even more. I say even more because Transformers had pretty much solidified my love for giant robots back when I was a kid. I mean honestly though, who doesn’t love giant mecha? For more Nerdgasmic cosplay pictures check out our Cosplay of The Day photo album on our Facebook page.

The Dead Electronics Walk

Haha Remember all the great times we had with our Gameboys? Well I guess it’s back for more. When I think of all the games and consoles that ended up in the garbage it makes me thankful that none of them reanimate and come back for revenge. Sure we had great times but eventually they stop working or you got broken in one of my many moves. Still, I wish I had held on to some of my old games and consoles though.