Street Fighter vs Taylor Swift (Video)

Ryu does not have the required troll level to make Taylor Swift stop singing. Maybe Blanka or Chun-Li can do it. They have experience. Unless someone else enters the ring…After all the viral trolling videos that have been going around the web, Blanka faces his toughest challenge yet. If he can’t defeat this beast I honestly don’t know if the beast can be beaten haha…

It’s crazy, but somebody actually found a way to make Taylor Swift somewhat bearable. All it took was a combination of several Street Fighter characters teaming up to battle against the evil that is the Swift. I can admit that I think she has a ton of talent and maybe I actually do like some of her music. However, the stuff she’s been putting out lately and how she acts on social media or anywhere for that matter, is just simply unbearable.

I swear if I never heard that shake song another effing time again in my life, I could die a happy man. Anyways check out the video below for a laugh and tell me what you think Nerd Nation. Leave me a comment below, on the Facebook page, on hit me up on Twitter.

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