Player Progress To Carry Over For Destiny Sequel

In a recent interview with IGN, Bungie talked about the longevity and future plans for its new flagship franchise Destiny. One of the most interesting things they discussed was their desire for players to be able to carry over their created characters and progress into the upcoming sequel…Whenever that may be. No detail was given on weather or not that would include things like weapons, and abilities for player’s characters as well. Bungie has announced that they have a long term plan for the next 10 years to keep Destiny fresh and exciting for its fans.

“The idea is that the Guardian you have created is something you can bring along with you on that adventure. If you take a look at the way people have played other games for a long period of time, they’ve had a relationship with the same character for a very long time.” said Bungie’s David Dague.
In my humblest opinion, I think I would like this idea a lot better if there were more customization options for our guardians. So far it seems that we all eventually end up with the same armor and same weapons depending on what class you choose for your character. I was totally bummed to find out that as a Warlock I was stuck wearing a stupid trench coat just like every other Warlock in the game. Also, only at level 20 am I finally able to purchase a Shader that allows me to change the color of my armor to a predetermined color combination.As always I want to know your thoughts on this Nerd Nation. Do you like the idea of being able to carry over your Guardian and progress into a sequel and do you think Destiny needs more customization options to help individualize the player characters? Leave me your thoughts in a comment below, on the Facebook page, or hit me up on Twitter.

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