GTA Most Wanted Trailer (Video)

This fan made movie trailer could easily be something we’d see for an upcoming summer block buster, no doubt about it. However, the trailer for this fictitious movie titled “Most Wanted” was done entirely using GTA V game footage and voiced over very well. Most Wanted comes from the minds over at Commandoflauge YouTube channel and I have to say that this trailer is very well done and entertaining.

The basic premise of this movie trailer is pretty much the same old Hollywood none sense. Unassuming young adult, down on his luck and needing cash gets caught up with criminals, and lots of craziness ensues as he’s in way over his head. However, the uniqueness of it makes it definitely stand out. The voice acting is actually pretty well down and the idea of GTA V and the city of Los Santos being the backdrop for such a movie is just plain awesome. It’s crazy because the open world of GTA V is so massive that it almost feels like it’s alive. When you watch this trailer it really seems like this story could very well be playing out in the city of Los Santos and we’d never even know it.

The best part about this is that the creator is giving a lot of consideration to making an on going web series based on this trailer. I honestly hope he decides to, because I think it could be very entertaining. Anyways check out the trailer for Most Wanted and let me know what you think about it Nerd Nation. Would this be something you would want to see as an on going web series? Leave me your thoughts in a comment below, on Facebook, or on Twitter.

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