Famous Voice Actress Passes Away

A sad day in the entertainment world and especially for those of us who grew up watching cartoons in the early to late 90s. The legendary voice actress Christine Cavanaugh passed away at the age of 51 just before Christmas. You may not know her name, but you definitely know her voice. She was the voice of Babe the pig (original), Chuckie (RugRats), Dexter (Dexter’s Laboratory), Gosalyn (Darkwing Duck) and more.

TMZ reported that Cavanaugh passed away on December 22nd, but the details surrounding her death are unclear. Christine Cavanaugh voiced some of the most iconic characters of my childhood and I am very sad to hear of her passing. Cavanaugh had no biological children and had retired from voice acting in 2001. She was one of the best and will always be remembered by the legacy of laughs and smiles she left behind. Christine Cavanaugh you will be truly missed.

Let’s remember her for the joy she brought us Nerd Nation. What were some of your favorite characters Christine voiced over the years? Leave me your thoughts in a comment below, on the Facebook page, or on Twitter.

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