Awesome Gaming Mug

This is an awesome looking mug that would perfect for the gamer in your life. The handles look like they are from a Playstation 3 duel shock controller, and the whole thing is a nice matte black. Not only will you look cool drinking from it, but when you’re all done with your tasty beverage it says “Game Over” at the bottom of your mug. Pretty cleaver if you ask me and I definitely want one of these bad boys for Christmas.

Right now it’s going for only $29.99 on Amazon and you can get your very own gaming mug by hovering over the picture and clicking on the links. Fear Not though Nerd Nation because ABSOLUTELY NO ADDITIONAL COST gets added to your order by using my links, it just helps me out by giving me a small commission. If any of you guys end up picking one of these mugs up for yourselves or someone else, do me a favor a post a picture. You can always post one on here, on the Facebook page, or on Twitter.

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