Spider-Man Parkour/TV Series

I have no clue how I missed this video, but some how I did. I love these awesome Parkour videos, and have posted several in the past. So far the Assassins Creed ones have been my favorite and if you want to check those out then just Click Here. However, Spidey is my favorite hero and this amazing video from SkyCandy and Ronnie Street Stunts is now my new favorite. The spider suit they used is actually an official suit sent to them by Sony from the movie Amazing Spider-Man 2.

Some of the shots they got for this video are absolutely stunning. These are professional camera angles that use to cost hundreds of thousands of dollars using either a large crane or some sort of aircraft. These days they just use portable drones, attach a camera to it, and achieve the same effect at a fraction of the cost. After watching this video, it got me thinking though. Instead of Sony wasting time on A Spider-Man film franchise that they can’t seem to get right or Marvel putting all their TV eggs in one basket with Agents of Shield, why not develop a Spider-man TV series?

Think about it, these guys have already proven that you can really get the Spider-man look and feel without using a ton of CGI, and who wouldn’t want to watch something like this on a weekly basis. Spidey has tons of action, drama, and humor in his stories to last a life time. Then when the show has reached the height of it’s popularity, the studios can tie in a feature length film to make millions of dollars…Just a thought. Anyways check out this Bad Ass Spider-Man parkour video and let me know what you think. Was this video amazing and would you like to see one of the studios back off from Spidey movies and focus on a TV series? Leave your thoughts in a comment below, on the Facebook page, or on Twitter.

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