Remember Wednesday: Bionic Six (Video)

Welcome to Remember Wednesday! Let’s jump into the way back machine and head way back to 1987. I was a bright young lad full of piss and vinegar. Things were simpler then and Saturday morning cartoons were in their prime. They had a great line up of wholesome programming that a young boy like me could be excited to wake up for. One specific show I remember was “Bionic Six.”

Bionic six was an 80’s kids cartoon featuring a cast of multi-racial characters, lots of cool gadgets, and vehicles to match (like most cartoons of the 80’s did) The family was always using their incredible bionic powers to defeat the evil and somewhat gender confused Doctor Scarab. I’m not sure how many of you actually remember this show but it definitely holds some good memories of my youth for me. Not to mention the theme song isn’t half bad. Enjoy this little trip back to a simpler yet very Nerdgasmic time.

As always I want to know your thoughts Nerd Nation. Do you remember watching this show and if so was there a specific episode that was your favorite. Leave me your awesome 80s memories in a comment below, on the Facebook page, or on my Twitter Page.

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