If Sex Was Like Call of Duty (Video)

If sex was like call of duty, then we would have a lot of shit talking ten year olds ruining it for the rest of us. I honestly think COD is more like sex than sex is like COD, but that’s really just my opinion. However, Above Average made a pretty funny video about what it might be like if sex were a game and had a similar interface as the hugely popular Call of Duty games.

First off you have to pick your load out and I like how the female has a lot more options than the male, pretty accurate. The you have to pick a location, the bedroom in this case. After scoring a few points you’ll probably want to call in a care package to help get you through this round. Finally you end up spent and frustrated because the game is over way too quickly haha. Anyways, I thought this was funny and definitely fitting since the new Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare just hit shelves and is doing so well.

So check out the video “If Sex Was Like Call of Duty” below and let me know your thoughts Nerd Nation. Do you think this looks like more fun than the actual game and if so I wonder how long it will be until we actually do see a game like this? Leave me your comments below, on Facebook or on Twitter…Enjoy!

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