Star Wars: All About That Base (Video)

Finally!!! The universe is once again at peace now that the Empire has it’s own theme song for their fully armed and operational battle station. I’m not usually a fan of the top 40 pop music scene but this isn’t bad. I have this theory that I mentioned in a post the other day and it goes a little something like this; You can make just about anything better by adding Star Wars elements to it. This parody of “All About That Bass” from the fine folks over at Nerdist is proof of that.

So this is definitely a pro Empire song with the main lyrics being “All About That Bass. No Rebels.” Definitely good for a laugh and comes complete with small saber duels and dancing storm troopers. Would we expect anything less from a Star Wars parody song? If these things are wrong then I don’t wanna be right. Anyways, check out the video below and let me know what you think Nerd Nation. Comment me below, on the Facebook page, or on Twitter.


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