Rick Fulfills His Promise (Video)

So I don’t usually recap show episodes for you guys but last night’s episode of The Walking Dead had one of the most surprising and bad ass scenes of the entire series. I’ve always enjoyed the show but never as much as I did in the first season. Nothing has compared to the cinematic style of Frank Darabont though the Walking Dead has come into its own style since his departure. For the first time since season one, this show has me saying “that sh*t was crazy”…in a good way. There are spoilers in this recap so if you don’t want to know what happened on last night’s episode STOP HERE.

Last week we saw that Gareth and his crew took Bob from the graveyard and chopped off his leg. They were literally eating it in front of him which cemented their role as sick, deranged, homicidal villains. We pretty much already knew this, but it made what happened to them this week all the more satisfying. The big scene (check out the video below) was when Gareth thought he had tricked Rick and the gang into leaving behind a few of their people to go extract their revenge for Bob. The last of the Terminians waited until they thought it was safe for them to move in on the Church.

A handful of the group was left behind including Carl, baby Judith, and Father Gabriel. Gareth slowly stalked through the church monologging the entire time until (of course) the baby made a noise and gave away their position. The Terminions or Termites as Christ Hardwick likes to call them prepared to forcefully enter into Father Gabriel’s office where they were hiding. Before they could do so however, Rick and the rest of the group made a surprise return. This was a huge HELL YES moment as two of Gareth’s guys were taken out quickly by getting blasted in the head. Those two could be considered the lucky ones out of the group because what came next for the four others that were left was freaking brutal. In the first episode of season 5 Rick made a promise that he was going to kill Gareth with a red handled machete that he had hidden in a bag in the woods. Last night Rick fulfilled that promise to Gareth.

I like how they are not spending too much time on one things this season. The search for Sophia in season 2 was painfully slow and the whole battle with the Governor and Woodbury became very boring and uneventful. This season has a completely different pacing and I’m excited to see what else happens this season. As always I want to know what you think Nerd Nation. Are you enjoying season 5 so far and do you like this new change of pace? Let me know your thoughts by leaving me a comment below, on the Facebook page or on Twitter.

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