Huge Marvel Movie News

Holy Carp, I can’t believe this is actually real! The pictures below look like the real deal but I had to be sure before I posted them. There are some Marvel fans out there that have some really amazing skill at faking movie posters. Last thing I want to do is mislead you fine people of the Nerd Nation. Marvel announced today the titles and release dates of 8 huge movies on their way to the big screen. There is definitely some I am excited to see and others not so much. Either way, I’m sure they will all be huge money makers for Marvel and only time will tell if I’m going to see them all.

One things I have a question about is the Civil war movie. Spider-Man played a pretty big part in that whole story line; So is Marvel really just going to do it without him or is there something legitimate about the rumors of Marvel getting the rights back? Also, I am noticing a distinct lack of Ant Man in this list. I feel bad for DC because if they don’t want their movies to completely bomb, then they are going to try and find release dates that don’t come anywhere near these movies. This list was released today along with images of their movie titles. I have listed the movies below in chronological order. Let me know what you think guys by leaving a comment below, on the Facebook page, or on Twitter.

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