Casey Jones vs Kick Ass (Video)

So BatInTheSun is back at it again with another Super Power Beat Down. This time they are pitting the legendary hokey mask wearing Casey Jones and the young and seemingly indestructible Kick Ass. Sometimes these things are a little lopsided and I end up scratching my head how and why they put the two combatants together, but this one was definitely a good one. The one liners were terrible (the way they should be) and both characters captured the personalities of  their comic and movie counter parts.

Whoever they got to play Casey Jones in this totally reminds me of a really buff Andrew WK. Anyways, this was an awesome fight and probably one of the best Super Power Beat Downs I’ve seen yet. It’s pretty simple and nothing too flashy but just watching this fight will wear you out. In my opinion I would have to give this fight to Casey Jones. He has more experience and he’s beaten tougher enemies. Including one of the toughest Turtles in Raphael. Kick Ass is definitely bad ass, but without his allies I think he would just fall short in a one on one fight with Casey.

Anyways check out the video and let me know what you thought Nerd Nation. Despite what the outcome was here, who do you think would win in this fight? Leave me your thoughts in a comment below, on the Facebook page, or on the Twitter Page…Enjoy!

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