Batmobile Official Picture

So just today I posted some leaked pictures of the new batmobile (along with half the internet) for the Batman vs Superman movie but I also happened to say “these are leaked images so the quality and detail aren’t that great, but I’m sure that DC will have an official follow up image out within the next week or so.If you missed it then you can read that post by Clicking Here
Well that didn’t take long because here is the official image of the new Batmobile for Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. I like how they took the picture from a dynamic angle so as not to reveal too much of the Batmobile’s new look. Again, I definitely like the look of this new Batmobile and it looks even more bad ass with the mat black finish. Earlier I compared it to the Batmobile we’ve seen for the upcoming game Arkham Knight, but Now we can really start to see some differences.

So what do you think Nerd Nation now that we’ve gotten our first official look at Batman’s new ride? Let me know your thoughts in a comment below, or on Facebook, or Twitter.

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