Power Falcons (Video)


I was crackin up this weekend over some Key and Peele skits when I came across this sweet little gem. Now we all remember watching and for the most part loving The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, but there were a few questionable costuming choices that never really got addressed on the show. In case I’m being a little too vague, I’m talking about why was the “Black” ranger played by a black actor and the “Yellow” ranger played by an asian actress? Funny to think about now that we are adults but it didn’t seem to register back when we were kids.

We can obvioulsy see that Key and Peele grew up watching the Power Rangers which is probably what inspired them to make “The Power Falcons.” We can dfinitely see some similarities not only in the name but the look of this skit. However, the best part about this is that someone finally brought attention to the little detail I mentioned above in the most hilarious way possible. Saving Earth From Space POWER FALCONS!!!

As always, let me know what you think by leaving me a comment below or on the Facebook page. Personally I think this could be a whole show by its self. Anyways, check out the video below and enjoy!

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