Most Memorable Warrior Moment (Video)

In honor of the Ultimate Warrior’s passing I thought I would share with you guys one of the most memorable moments (for me) of his career. I grew up watching him and at the time you were either a Hogan fan or a Warrior fan. For me I was Warrior all the way. He had a look that was larger than life and back then these guys were real life super heroes and villains playing out their battles right before our eyes. I was a huge fan of wrestling most of my life all the way up until the early 2000s. I think part of the magic was the mystery of who these guys were. They were The Immortal Hulk Hogan, The Macho Man Randy Savage, and The Ultimate Warrior.

Now you have Daniel Brian, John Cena, and Randy Orton. A bunch of jacked up guys that are going out of their way to look average. The worst part about it is all the mystery is gone. Now you can know anything you want about them whenever you want. Thanks to social media we can bare witness to their twitter wars, see their vacation pictures, and know what they had for breakfast. The wrestling days of old surprised us on a regular basis, gave us a sense of wonder, and the Ultimate Warrior helped lead the way.

So I said all that to set up this. The video below is a perfect example of the over the top theatrics that were used to make these guys seem like comic book heroes and villains come to life. It’s ironic that this is one of the events that sticks in my mind the most, especially in light of Warrior’s passing. I’ll never forget watching this go down on Saturday Morning Superstars. I sat about a foot away from the TV watching with my Ultimate Warrior wrestling buddy and my WWF Superstar cereal. The Warrior was indestructible and this was the first time we had seen someone bigger and scarier pretty much make him their B*tch. I remember feeling devastated but I knew that there would be reckoning in store for The Undertaker.

There will never be another like the Ultimate Warrior, but that’s OK. We’ll always remember the joy and excitement he brought to us as kids and be thankful that we grew up during the golden age of wrestling. Check out the video below and as always let me know your thoughts Nerd Nation. Do you remember watching this or do you have any other fond memories of the Warrior that you’d like to share. Leave me your thoughts in a comment below or on the Facebook page…Enjoy!

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