Awesome Spider-Man Evian Commercial (Video)

This is probably one of the worst product tie ins with a movie that’s I’ve ever seen. It’s an Evian water commercial featuring The Amazing Spider-Man and his chibi counter part. The commercial has absolutely nothing to do with what is being advertised but damn it, it’s still so Freaking Awesome! Eventually they tie it all together with a second tag line at the very end of the commercial, but still this was obviously meant more for entertainment purposes rather than product advertizement. I mean they could have at least had a bottle of water in one of the shots with Spider-man.

Still, I thought this was really cool and they took an element not often seen in these types of super hero movies which was a chibi version of the character. Stuff like that is usually reserved for the comic books and the cartoons. Even though this is just a commercial I thought it was sort of a cool nod to a fun part of comics. Also, it is nice to see them moving away from the overly dramatic and angsty Spider-Man that we’ve had to live with for so long now. The Web Head has always been quirky and fun which is one of the things I love most about his character. This commercial wasn’t meant to take its self too seriously and I hope that is because the new movie doesn’t either.

Anyways, check out this awesomely entertaining Evian commercial featuring the Amazing Spider-Man and Chibi Spider-man. As always let me know what you think by leaving me a comment below or on the Facebook page. Enjoy!

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