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Capcom Honors Captain America (Video)

First of all I have to say that I love Capcom’s old school opening and the way they ended this video. Freedom Prevails!

In honor of the new movie Captain America: The Winter Soldier Capcom decided to make a video of their own. In this video they remind us just how much history our star spangled hero has with this company. In fact I have to admit that Marvel vs Capcom really made Captain America cool for me. In fact I always thought his level had the best theme music which is made apparent in the video below.

The official video description goes like this and is still so damn cool; GOOD WORK, SOLDIER: Celebrate Capcom and Captain America’s twenty year legacy of patriotic excellence with a tribute to some of Cap’s finest in-game appearances. Anyways check out the video below and let me know what you think by leaving a comment here or on the Facebook page. Enjoy!

Nerdcast 2.0 Episode 005

This week I have a Hulk sized party drink for you, talk about the passing of the Ultimate Warrior, an internet prankster gets knocked out with hilarious results, and my thoughts on the new Boy Meets World spin off. Also, I want to do a contest to see who has the biggest, best, or most uniquelet stuff. Let me know if you would rather show off your “Nerdy Collections” or your “Gaming Setup.” Leave a comment below

Girl Meets world Trailer

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TMNT “Brothers” (Video)

Ok so check out this new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles TV spot that features more footage from the movie and our first look at Master Splinter himself. This one emphasizes the brotherly relationship between the Turtles.  I think the funny part about this is that Splinter was originally voiced by Danny Woodburn (Seinfeld) until for whatever reason they decided to replace his voice with Actor Tony Schaloub. No one really seems to know why that happened or they at least aren’t saying. Danny Woodburn has taken to his twitter account to voice his displeasure with the decision.

I’m not really sure how either of these actors really embody the true personality of the wise Master Splinter. Anyways, check out the new TMNT “Brothers” TV spot and let me know what you think. From the glimpse that we get of Splinter do you think he looks better or worse than his previous incarnations? Leave me your thoughts in a comment below or on the Facebook page.


Never Grow Up

Anybody else have a hard time getting out of bed this morning or was I the only one? By the way, this is very true and I know I am thankful for the wonderful woman who puts up with my childishness on a daily basis. Anyways, Happy Monday Nerd Nation!!!