Daily Archives: April 11, 2014

Batman: Strange Days (Video)

This is a really cool 1930sesque batman short titled Batman: Strange Days. It originally aired on Cartoon Network’s DC Nation earlier this month. That’s probably the first cool thing to come out of there in a while. I really love the art style in this and when I found out it was by Bruce Timm I loved it even more. In case you don’t know who Bruce Timm is, he is the producer of the legendary “Batman: The Animated Series” that so many of us grew up on. They honestly don’t make shows like that anymore. The short was created for Batman’s 75th anniversary.

Man I miss the old Batman Animated Series. I have such fond memories of watching that show at my grandma’s house just about every day after school. If there was one thing that I actually wish could get a reboot it would be that show. No more of this “Beware The Batman” crap (yes I know it’s been canceled for a while). Personally I think this is a cooler video for Batman’s 75 anniversary than Superman got for his.

Anyways, check out this awesome Batman animated short Batman: Strange Days. As always I want to know what you think Nerd Nation. Would you like to see a New Batman Animated series and would you be happy if they set in in the 1930s? Would you want to see a more modern Batman? Leave me your thoughts in a comment below or on the Facebook page…Enjoy!

Poor Algebra

No wonder these types of problems were always so hard to figure out…It’s because they were really problems of the heart and those are never easy to figure out LOL. Happy Friday Nerd Nation!!!