Watch Dogs Story Trailer (Video)


Some things you can’t walk away from…like a bullet to the head.

This is an awesome trailer that finally gives us an idea of who the main character is in the highly anticipated game Watch Dogs. For months we’ve known little about Aiden Pearce other than he had a magic smart phone that seemed to link him to every electrical device within the city of Chicago. Now we finally understand that this is about much more than a simple hacker gone rogue. Aside from good gameplay, the makings of a great game is to have a story line that really engages the player and takes them on a highly immersive adventure.

The new Watch Dogs story trailer really does just that. It looks like an exciting story about betrayal and revenge. Combined with the open world of Chicago I think we are in for a gaming experience the likes of which we haven’t really seen before. i’m definitely excited about this game and hope it was worth the delays. So, check out the new story trailer for  the game Watch Dogs and let me know what you think. Does this new trailer make you more or less excited for this game and does this make you want to buy an Xbox One or PS4 if you haven’t a;ready. Leave your thoughts in a comment below or on the Facebook page.


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