Real Life Hover Board (Video)

Now I know what you’re probably thinking. I lured you guys here with the thought of seeing a small sleek Back to the Future style hover board, only to crush your hopes and show you some bulky and ugly hover craft. Well Nerd Nation I would not do that to you. I in fact brought you here to check out a company named “Huvr” that is claiming to have finally developed the technology to give us a real movie style hover board. In my opinion this is either the greatest day of my inner child’s life or someone is playing a very sick and cruel joke on us.

Now I’m smart enough to know that we can’t believe half the stuff we see on the internet, and that it’s super easy these days to take a video into editing and appear to fly around the parking lot on a fake hover board. However, lets for one second just pretend that this video is real. Let’s forget everything we know about the technology we have seen in our life time and pretend that this damn thing is actually the real deal. “IF” this company has really developed a real honest to God working hover board then they have just officially changed the world as we know it.

Not only would Huvr most likely become the richest company in the world, but have now opened the door for technology the likes of which we have never seen on the open market. The way we get around in our daily lives would change in ways that the poor Segway could have only dreamed about. If a small board powered by who knows what can really move around people of different heights and weights like it does in this video, then I would imagine that we are only a short time away from flying cars…Yes it’s fun to dream about these things but then I am forced to remember that I am a logical and very analytical human being. As much as I would love to believe that my childhood fantasy of cruising around on a hover board like Marty Mcfly has finally come true, sadly I must instead remind myself that these are just the things that dreams are made of.

Anyways, check out this video from the company Huvr demonstrating their mind bending product; The Hover Board. As always I want to know your thoughts on this Nerd Nation. Do you think that this is actually the real thing and if it is, what would you give to own one? Leave me your thoughts in a comment below or on the Facebook page…Enjoy!

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