Real Life Dragonball Motorcycle (Video)

Have you ever watched an anime and saw a vehicle that you wished was real? I know I have, and one that sticks out to me is the one wheeled motorcycle that is depicted in the original Dragonball anime series. Well if you think owning something like this would be pretty cool, then you are in luck. A company called Ryno Motors has developed a fully functional single wheeled machine. I think most of us would assume that something like this came out of Japan, but most of us would be wrong. The Ryno as it is called was made right here in the US.

The initial idea for this machine came from the creator’s daughter. She had seen a singled wheeled motorcycle in a video game and simply asked her Dad if he could make something like that. Not even being able to picture exactly what she was talking about, his daughter drew him a simple sketch of the machine and from there he went to work. The result is the machine you see in the pictures and the video below. The cool thing about this machine is that it is electric and is deigned to go anywhere a pedestrian can go. It runs off rechargeable batteries though there is an additional fee if you want to upgrade to lithium ion batteries.

A full charge will get you about 10 miles worth of use and the top speed clocks in at a whopping 10 mph. Obviously this thing isn’t designed for racing but it will get you around town at a faster pace than if you walked. I have to admit that it is pretty cool to see something that was featured in an anime around thirty years ago now cruising around the streets today. If you’re interested in buying one of these bad boys then check out A one wheeled Ryno will run you about $5,300 retail. As always I want to know what you think of this thing. Does this look like something you could use and what other anime vehicles do you think could have a practical use right now? Leave your thoughts in a comment below or on the Facebook page.

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