DBZ Birthday (Video)

A father in Brazil has immortalized his son in the most awesome way possible. Robson Menezes dos Santos spent five and a half months making an epic Dragonball Z Animation for his son’s ninth birthday. He even went as far as getting the original Brazilian voice actors for Bulma and Goku to wish his son a happy birthday. The opening and closing animations are out of control and really capture the iconic Dragonball feel. Obviously this guy is a very talented artist and worked hard to make this great video for his son.

I don’t know about you guys but I wish I had the talent to do something like this for my kids. Anyways check out the video done in quality Dragonball art style featuring Robson Menezes dos Santos and his nine year old son. As always, I want to hear your thoughts. What do you think about the animation quality and what do you think your kids would do if they received something like this for their birthday? Leave your thoughts in a comment below or on the Facebook page.


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